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Our Clients Say...

“The law firm has exceeded my expectations of the legal situation I found myself in (dealing with the administration of my brother's estate and petitioning the court for return of stolen estate assets). Ms. Richards is a trustworthy, thorough, and ethical attorney. She is always available or responds to communications immediately. Her knowledge and experience of the State of NY legal system has been a great comfort to me and my family. She does not have to call you back with answers, she already knows the answer. Additionally, Ms. Richards has never said she can accomplish a legal task and then tell me at a later date we have to do something different than originally agreed upon. If you are searching for an attorney who is going to legally beat the hell out of the other side in the courtroom, Ms. Richards has the experience and resolve.” ~ K.T. Grzep

“Relief and gratitude…bountiful to overflowing. After signing the estate plan, I woke up this morning with a lightness of being that I haven't felt in ages. Thank you, Sylvie, for your professionalism in completing this process.” ~ S. Girard

One word that can describe Sylvie Richards law firm is SAVVY. I never felt that any situation I encountered was in unproved hands. She helped me resolve an international estate, and has gone above and beyond my expectations. I would mainly recommend this law firm for its communication and approachability. If I could say one thing to a potential client that is considering this law firm I would say that they should simply speak with Sylvie Richards to get a feel of the genuine person on the other end that will show understanding and compassion.” ~ N. Ordonez

“In the Spring of 2016, my brother and sister-in law passed away within three weeks of one another, leaving behind their son who has a neurodevelopmental disorder that leaves him intellectually disabled. Neither had left behind a will. My daughter, a former New York City lawyer, suggested that Sylvie Richards, Esq., with her experience in trusts and estates law, would be a good choice to contact regarding for resolving the complex legal problems arising from the situation I faced, as my brother’s next of kin and only living sibling.


Ms. Richards proved to be an invaluable resource in this regard, guiding me through the process of having me certified as the administrator of my brother’s estate, establishing a Supplemental Needs Trust for my nephew and then transferring the deed to my brother’s property to the Trust, thus safeguarding the value of the estate.


If I could choose one word to describe my experience with her firm, it would be superb.” ~ G. Brown

“Sylvie Richards offered thoughtful, skillful legal expertise that guided our family through a complex divorce and paternity situation. She is exceedingly calm, diligent, and very very good at what she does. I will forever be grateful to Sylvie for the masterful way she ushered us through the intricacies of a very tender situation, always with warmth and wisdom.” ~ Marisa B.


“I was referred to Sylvie Richards to deal with a particularly complicated and difficult estate/trust issue which took hours of research. I had already dealt with two other firms and a major bank on this issue with mixed results. Sylvie's work was clear, concise and completely accurate. She gave me excellent advice. In addition, I must say that in my life and career I have dealt with hundreds of attorneys from many states on many business issues as well as estates and trusts. Sylvie is simply SUPERB to deal with. She has the ability and the patience to do the research and explain to a layman some very complex legal issues. Very smart, diligent, concise with excellent communication skills, and most of all...RIGHT.” ~ B. O'Donnell


“Ms Richards’ law firm helped with my family’s legal situation in a kind, professional, ethical and urgent mannerBeing out of state was a bit worrisome, but she kept me up to date, communicated constantly and facilitated dealings between all parties.

The outcome was more than expected and I absolutely recommend her law firm.” ~ Helen


I would like to recommend the law office of Sylvie L.F. Richards to anyone considering estate planning. Sylvie identified the need for a Trust clearly and answered my many questions promptly and graciously in language understandable to a novice. The whole process was calm, well organized and personalized. I compare it to a 'Boutique Hotel', small, efficient and top notch!!” ~ M. Detels


“I wished to make a Will. Sylvie L.F. Richards Esq. was highly recommended to me by a friend who had used her legal services. Ms. Richards advice was paramount in drafting the forms as I also wanted to include a bi-yearly Fellowship to a school. Her professionalism impressed me greatly. She worked far harder than I anticipated would be necessary to insure all was legally correct, and incontestable. Doing so with grace, charm, and  a dedication to her profession which is always paramount. Close friends, witnesses for the signing of my Will, are using her expertise to draft theirs. I fully recommend Ms. Richards doing so with high regard and esteem.” ~ Thomas G.


“I contacted Sylvie L.F. Richards, Esq. as I wanted to prepare a will and trust and really had very little idea of what was entailed. In our initial consultation, Sylvie’s clarity in outlining and explaining what was involved was key to me working with Sylvie and her law firm, and her approachability and availability continued throughout the experience. Made the process all the more manageable for a novice!” ~ G. Israelson


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