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Peace of Mind Prevention

Concierge Subscription Service

Peace of Mind Prevention is a concierge subscription service offered by the Law Office of Sylvie Richards, PLLC. This service helps to alleviate the pressure of “billable hours” as we charge clients a monthly or annual fee for an array of services available when they need them. With a limited amount of subscriptions available, Peace of Mind Prevention clients can be assured of preferred access to legal counsel.

Peace of Mind Prevention Includes:

  • One 30-minute scheduled Zoom call per month

  • Up to 10 email exchanges per month

  • Checklists to help organize your legal life

  • Monthly email newsletter only available to PMP subscribers

  • Webcasts with change leaders

  • Annual subscribers also get one review of their estate plan each year

A Peace of Mind Prevention subscription includes legal information only on the following topics: wills, trusts, probate of a will, administration of an estate, when to litigate an estate, special needs children and adults, mental capacity issues, long-term care issues, guardians, power of attorney, health care proxy, living will, estate planning for blended families, charitable planning and gifts, planning for business continuation after incapacity or death, legacy planning for your children and grandchildren. No other areas of law or matters are covered by the service.


The subscription does not include drafting of documents, document review, litigation, or representation on client matters.

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