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Reviewing the Laws

Estate Administration

Representation For Probate Or Administration

If someone dies with a Will, their estate will go through the probate process.

If someone dies without a Will, their estate will go through Surrogate’s Court administration

The Law Office of Sylvie Richards, PLLC has extensive experience representing executors and estate administrators. With knowledge and sensitivity, we will guide the executor or administrator through the probate or administration process including:

  • Working with the named executor or proposed administrator to fill out the petitions for probate or administration

  • Issuing Waivers and Consents, or serving court-ordered Citations for court appearances

  • Representing the executor or administrator in an estate contest

  • Assisting with the estate accounting and the closing of the estate.

When Complications Arise

Challenges can and do arise as you seek to settle a loved one’s estate. From will contests to accusations of fiduciary fraud, estate administration can lead to disagreements and litigation. The law office represents litigants in estate contests from the onset of the contest to trial and verdict.

Get The Help You Need To Complete This Important Task

To learn more about estate administration and probate services please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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